Source/Lens Arrays

Arrays of optical element or sources can be easily defined in RayLab and are much easier than defining multiple instances of each element. Arrays can be defined in a variety of patterns.

Rectangular Grid

The rectangular array allows you to define 1D or a 2D array with independently specified number of elements and spacing in both the X and Y direction.


Circular Array

The circular array allows you to arrange any number of elements in a circle with desired radius.


Hexapolar Grid

The hexapolar grid consists of a specified number of rings of elements. Each ring has six more elements than the previous ring. The spacing parameter is the radial spacing in the x direction.


Hexagonal Grid

The hexagonal grid arranges the elements in a hexagonal pattern. As with the hexapolar grid the number of rings and spacing in the x direction are specified.



The Circular, Hexapolar, and Hexagonal arrays can be arranged on a flat surface or a spherical surface. A spherical surface is used when R is not zero. In this case the spacing parameter is treated as an angle instead of a distance. The spherical option is not available for source arrays.