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5 thoughts on “RayLab Manual 2018

  1. Christoph Grossmann

    Hi Kamyar,

    I am currently checking out the RayLab App for iPad. I wonder how and where I can save my models. When I use the “Save in Files” option, only a screenshot gets saved. When I choose “Save Image” the App crashes. Am I missing something here? Your feedback in this would be appreciated.


    1. Kamyar Post author

      Hi Christoph,

      The ‘sample’ models do not save. You can play with them, but when you Return to the Model Browse window they revert to their original setting.

      On the other hand, when you create your own model from scratch (using the ‘+’ button on the Model Browse window) all your changes are saved automatically when you exit the model.

      By “exit the model”, I am referring to using the ‘< Models’ button in the top left of the Model Edit window which returns you to the Model Browse window. Regards Kamyar

    2. Kamyar Post author

      Also, Save in Files and Save Image aren’t really supported. I am actually surprised that you see those options.

  2. Christoph Strauch

    I bought your tool some weeks ago and i assume i understand many of its options now.
    Very useful and worth the money !

    Nevertheless …. when working with it i wished there was a Monte Carlo option.
    Something to calculate the influence of inaccuracies/instabilities in the optical system.

    The „configs“ offer something that goes into the right direction.
    A variation of positions and angles is possible.
    But unfortunately you can‘t build statistics concerning the „output parameter“.
    I.e. the spot size.

    Such a functionality would be very nice….
    And i assume most people would pay additional money if the get that.

    It also would be nice if one could sweep the wavelength of the light using „configs“.

    One general question :
    I bought the bundle for about 21€.
    If a new functionality/module occurs :
    How is a new functionality „installed“ ?

    1. Kamyar Post author

      Hi Christoph,

      Monte Carlo does sound like a useful capability. I will think about it, and see if it would be feasible to implement in RayLab with a clean UI.

      Adding wavelength to list of multi config parameters would take some effort. Currently the code handling this only supports surface properties.

      With regards to your last question, major new features are typically introduced as a new module, while smaller improvements are incorporated into existing modules. Folks who support RayLab via the subscription model get access to all modules including newly introduced ones. The bundle purchase provides access to the modules which existed at the time of purchase.


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