RayLab 3.10 has been released with many improvements including support for iPad Pro. Additionally, iPhone users will enjoy a much more convenient UI for editing model properties similar to the iPad version of RayLab. That is the surface parameters can now be changed while the model is visible:

New iPhone UI

Another major feature of this release is support for arrays of arbitrary optical elements or sources (See more details).

Simulator Screen Shot Jan 17, 2016, 11.28.31 PM

5 thoughts on “RayLab 3.10 Released

  1. Sebong Jang

    When could you export designed model to 3D printable file or AutoCad file?
    I want to make some large parabolic reflector using real AutoCad drawing.
    Please let me know how to do this.
    Sebong Jang

    1. Kamyar
      Kamyar Post author

      Hi Sebong, I am afraid RayLab is not currently able to export a CAD file. But I suspect setting up a parabolic shape should be easy in most CAD applications.

  2. Marco

    Dear dev,
    I’m using your App extensively.

    Some important things:
    1) BUG: in array sources, Ax and Ay are not saved upon reloading project (input value is, e.g., 0,3). They even reset to 0 when going back and forward throughout history. Very frustrating, have to set them each time I open the project.
    2) BUG: in convex lenses, rays who touch the side straight wall of a lens do not get reflected nor refracted. Seems a wrong behaviour to me.
    3) IMPROV: Enable export and import of a project. Very annoying and dangerous, not being able to backup and share a project.
    4) IMPROV: flag a project as read-only.

    Thank you for your attention.

    1. Kamyar
      Kamyar Post author

      Hi Marco,
      I will have a look at #1 to see what is going on.
      #2 is currently expected behavior. You will find that many optics applications (e.g. Zemax) do not model the lens edge. The edge is typically not an optical quality surface and is sometimes even grinded to prevent reflections. It is my plan to add a warning when a ray travels thru such an edge.
      I will also consider your other suggestions.

      Thank you

    2. Kamyar
      Kamyar Post author

      Hi Marco,
      I found the bug which caused issue #1. It will be patched in the next release. Thank you for reporting the issue.

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