RayLab 4.00 has been released with multiple new features. Most prominently the ability model polarization. Additional information on using this functionality is available at:

Raylab Polarization Modeling - animated

Also available in 4.00:

  • The ability to animate between configurations.
  • The ability to perform image formation simulations.

7 thoughts on “RayLab 4.00 Released

  1. Seth Williamson

    Seems to be crashing when I cycle to (or select) spot diagram.

    Version 4.00
    iPhone 6 s Plus 128gb
    iOS 10.0.2

    1. Kamyar
      Kamyar Post author

      Hi Seth,
      Thanks for the note. I have submitted an update to fix this which will be available as soon as Apple approves it (Hopefully in a couple of days).

  2. Jens Kowal

    I bought Raylab incl. almost in app purchases, Last week I’ve created to optical designs (with just about 5 lenses each). Both of them worked fine last week. However they keep crashing the application whenever I try to reload them since today. Thats very frustrating. What can I do?
    Thanks /jk

    1. Kamyar
      Kamyar Post author

      Hi Jk,
      I am sorry for the problem. Do you know if your models were displaying spot diagrams? I know there is a bug in 4.00 which causes crash when showing spot diagrams. I have already posted a patch (4.01) which should be available in AppStore as soon as it gets thru Apple’s certification.

      If the issue is something other than the Spot Diagram I would need more information to identify it. Please use the following instructions to send me a crash report:


  3. Jens Kowal

    Hi Kamyar,
    thanks for your reply. And yes I think both designs showed the spot diagrams.
    I’ll wait until your bugfix release 4.01 becomes public. In the meantime
    I shared with you some crash dumps from the two designs. Did you received them? They are entitled: RayLab-2016-11-01-114105.ips & RayLab-2016-11-01-114402.ips.
    cheers /jk

    1. Kamyar
      Kamyar Post author

      It took a few days, but RayLab 4.01 just got approved for the AppStore. Please let me know if it resolves the issue.

      I did get the crash logs, but what they showed was a bit of a puzzle. So, I am hoping 4.01 does the trick.

  4. Jens Kowal

    Hey Kamyar,
    I checked my optical designs and with the new version they work again. Thank you very much for your support.


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